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Odoo is 90% Cheaper Than Other Email Marketing Providers

The new Odoo Email Marketing business application is now available in version 10. Intuitive and user-friendly, the app comes with an extensive template library and an affordable price: 90% cheaper than Mailchimp.


Odoo offers a disruptive price, ideal for SME’s marketing. Unlike major mass mailing software solutions, Odoo Email Marketing has a fixed monthly price, regardless of the amount of recipients or the number of emails to send out. Starting at $40 with the Odoo Online version (the saas version), users can send up to 50 000 emails per day.

“We are able to offer a competitive price because we have a wide product range and we don’t rely only on the email marketing app. With such a great quality-price ratio, Odoo is a growth lever for all companies,” says Fabien Pinckaers, Odoo CEO and Founder.

The graph (in attachment), shows that for an SME with 20 000 contacts, Odoo is 70% cheaper than MailChimp, and it goes up to 90% cheaper if a company has a database of 100 000 recipients. No limits with the open source version. Odoo is open source too. The community version (on-premise) allows users to send unlimited emails to as many subscribers as they want. In this case, it’s just a matter of the company’s server capacity.

This means that for very large companies, email marketing costs are severely reduced and Odoo Email Marketing becomes way cheaper than any provider.Fabien Pinckaers adds: “Email Marketing, was one of the key applications missing to complete the management software, now we can clearly say that Odoo covers all business needs!”
Odoo Email Marketing is available on the 3 editions (Online, Enterprise & Community).

Source : www.prweb.com